Montag, 7. Juli 2008

Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede and subversion repositories

I tried out the new Eclipse version 3.4.

I really has some nice new features.
But it also was very hard to get it to behave
properly with subversion repositories.

Here are my findings:

1. Don't use subclipse anymore.
The current version does not work properly with Eclipse 3.4

2. It seems that subversive has won the "battle" for default eclipse svn plugin.
( )

3. It is now even "included" with 3.4. But you have to select it for installation.

3.5. download and install Eclipse Ganymede
( Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (163 MB) )

4. install subversive BEFORE you import any project.
Or you get in trouble.

"Help" -> "Software Updates..." -> "Available Software" -> "Ganymede" ->
"Collaboration Tools" -> "SVN *"

( Please note, that I have installed 3.4 in a new directory with a new workspace,
I do not recommend any other way of installation, due to my SVN plugin switch. )

5. In the Software Updater add a new Site;

Install the JAVA HL 1.5 svn connector from that site.

5.5. Restart eclipse.

6. Choose "File" -> "Import..." -> Existing projects into workspace.

If everything is correct, you should see your projects and
also in [brackets] the path to the svn server.

7. If you have troubles check the classes directory,
There may NOT be any .svn directories there.
Subversive WILL NOT work correctly if so.

If you have these, close all projects and
manually delete all files in the classes directory.
Then open your projects again.

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'gro hat gesagt…

just in case, there's a recent installation guide on :

( already a little outdated, but very straightforward )