Montag, 7. Juli 2008

3 cool Eclipse 3.4 tricks

1. If you have a piece of code in the clipboard,
select a package on the left inside the package explorer.
Then press ctrl+v to automatically create a new
with a class and a main method. Inside ? Your code from the
clipboard, ready to test.

2. If you have a line with a function call like System.getProperties();
Press Ctrl+2, release and then press L.
This create a new variable of the proper type and even
a reasonable name. Its one of the greates time savers !

3. Ever wondered why sometimes the function parameter help
in Eclipse shows the parameters you are currently supposed to enter
and sometimes not ? Well after you type in an object name, type "."
to get the list of functions, then select one and press enter.
Now you get the parameter hints. If you moved the cursor around
and lost the hint, just go behind the inserted function name and
press ctrl+space and then select the function and then press enter.
Basically pressing enter after the selection is the trick.

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