Montag, 29. August 2016

Top 10 missing features from the Audible Android App

I love audio books and I love Audible.

The choice and prices are great, the Audible productions use great narrators and are high quality and
the support is top notch and always helpful!

With everything else being so great it is surprising that there is a product which is not up to par.
That product is the Audible App for Android which is severely lacking in organizational features for users with large libraries.

This post is intended to reach out  to the Audible mobile app developers and give them some feedback and ideas for the future.

Without further ado here are the top 10 missing features from the Audible Android App
  1. Let us organize our books by tags, Don't just show them all in a single long list.
  2. At least show folders for books of a series and make it easy to buy the missing ones.
  3. Let us tag books and filter by tags. The current filters are practically useless.
  4. Allow users to sort their library by user rating, bestselling and a percentage count showing how many users have finished the book.
  5. Show the user rating and top comment in the book description popup.
  6. I want my cloud book list to filter the finished titles out and the device book list to show the finished books so I can easily delete them. So basically remember that filter setting per list!
  7. Let users add a custom sleep mode time, 30 is too long and 15 too short!
  8. Allow us to shake the phone to reset the sleep timer
  9. Synchronize play time position between devices not only on the first play.
  10. Consider open sourcing parts of the App so the community can help adding these features!


At the heart of this list is the desire for more organizational and discovery features.

User with large libraries are overwhelmed by the single large book list with few useful filter options.


Let us organize and collapse books by a common feature like a folder or tags.

Folders are great but maybe to limiting for audio books, so tags are a more powerful concept and allow for greater organizational flexibility. For example The Crossing from Michael Connelly is both a part of the Harry Bosch as well as the Mickey Haller series. So let's tag it with both.


Let us filter by tags so the lists becomes manageable again.


User with large libraries usually have not heard all their books, so we would like to discover our "next best listen" from our existing library. To do that we need better sorting options.
For example by best selling, by rating and by a percentage of how many other users have completed the book.

Use a combination of all three values to calculate a new popularity rating and allow sorting by that.


In essence treat our library as you treat your shop!

Thanks for reading :)

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