Samstag, 15. März 2008

Having fun with the DIGG API

I don't have time to look at DIGG every day so I sometimes get the feeling to may have missed a good link or two.

Well I can easily go to the popular diggs in the last 30 days you think. But then I see mostly links I already saw...

What I wanted was a way to filter out all links I already knew about.

Finding no easy way to do that I looked at the DIGG API. And sure enough, being a Java coder, I found a JAVA API Toolkit for DIGG.

( In my case I used )

So I created a lil app i call TopDiggs.
It saves all visited links in a file and filters them out in future uses.

Its far from finished, but please have a look and comment on it:


Good ideas are also welcome...

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J0k3 hat gesagt…

I tested it \o/ Looking good ray! Keep it up.